Frank Monte: Fighting Big Banks

One of the causes Frank Monte has taken up for his community was fighting unfair practices by big-time banks and lenders in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. After large lenders, who built huge portfolios based on debt they knew would never be paid off, ran the housing market and the stock market into the ground, they took billions of dollars in taxpayer money to cover their mistakes, then they tried to leverage foreclosed homeowners for every penny they had. Monte fought to prevent this.

Frank Monte, Centurion Founder: Underlying Principles of Effective Website Design

Frank Monte, Founder of Centurion and longtime marketing professional, is no stranger to the importance of a good website; that online hub which is not only serves as the digital home of your business, but provides the central point from which all other online assets emanate, connect and direct traffic.

As someone who has designed websites for several successful small businesses, Frank Monte of Centurion understands just how powerful the right site design can be for small firm. As he knows, there are several underlying principles of solid website design; those common threads which are most often behind some of the more successful and popular sites on the web.

Simple, Visually Pleasing Design

A website should provide the visitor the information they need without unnecessary clutter. Neat, simple and eye-catching design, one that incorporates visually elements and text without creating too much distraction, is essential to grabbing and holding onto the user’s attention.

Clear, Concise Messaging

From the homepage on, a company’s website should feature a clear, concise and consistent brand message that conveys who the company is, what it offers and its value proposition without unnecessary language or explanation.


Frank Monte, Centurion Professional: Impact Through Homeowner Answers, LLC

Frank Monte, Centurion professional, was once the owner/operator of Homeowner Answers, LLC, a firm dedicated to helping struggling homeowners avoid the liability and perils of foreclosure following the 2008 financial crisis. Monte is proud of the work accomplished during his time at Homeowner Answers, as well as the opportunity to work alongside a great team who shared his commitment to standing up for those without the means to do so on their own.

“Homeowner Answers, LLC was the answer for many homeowners struggling to survive,” says Frank Monte, current Centurion owner and marketing professional. “What made my company different, and (how it) ultimately became a huge success story was (that) I never charged the homeowners a dime! I hired top-notch negotiators, and their job was to pound the hammer, to contact the lender daily, and to push them to eventually give in and let the homeowner free from potential liability after their home was listed and sold.”

Frank Monte Centurion's Monte was the leader of Homeowner Answers until the company ran its course; something which occurred not long after the dust had settled following the ’08 financial meltdown. He is currently operating a small marketing firm in Florida.

Frank Monte, Centurion Professional: Improving Awareness

Frank Monte, Centurion Founder and professional, once discovered an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives. The owner of a small marketing firm, Centurion 's Frank Monte took advantage of this opportunity, seizing his chance to not only stand up for those in need, but to retrieve fair and just compensation on behalf of those who had fallen victim to disaster.

It was in 2012 that Frank Monte, Centurion professional, found this opportunity. Approached by a local law firm, Monte was told of BP’s attempt to obfuscate the truth regarding its multi-million dollar settlement following the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill; the company’s attempt to intimidate and prevent victims from filing a claim for damages incurred as a result of the disaster. A savvy marketer, Monte went to work immediately, devising a marketing strategy aimed at raising awareness of the settlement throughout the region.

Monte’s effort proved successful. Though Centurion 's Frank Monte and his firm bordered on bankruptcy throughout the entire venture, they continually pursued their noble objective. The result: more than $50 million dollars in claims filed by more than 400 small businesses affected by the Spill, ensuring small business owners and their families were fairly compensated for their suffering at the hands of BP’s negligence.